BS-Drive AES

+ biometrics secured USB Flash Drive
+ integrated on-the-fly AES (256-Bit) en-/decryption engine
+ does not require any PC software to operate
+ truly driverless, leaves no traces (zero footprint)
+ autonomous biometrics processor on board
+ safeguards all personal and corporate sensitive data most secure and convenient
+ 2+-factor authentication, independent of PC platform
+ integrated secure PIN entry for various functionalities (optional)

Only after a successful biometric finger recognition, the USB flash disk unit is visible to the operating system, and the AES (256-Bit) encrypted flash memory can be used

En- and decryption (AES 256 Bit) of all data works without any user intervention (transparent to user). This is particularly important for large organisations to ensure that their data is always protected when transported on a mobile USB device.

More integrated functions are available with the "All-in-One" BSID which includes a secure (class 2) smart card reader, a flash memory, and up to 2 different RFID transponders

The smallest secure (class 2) biometrics protected smart card reader B-smart ID
comes without flash and RFID transponders

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